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There's a massive talent crunch in designing, building and optimising eCommerce systems. It can be very tough for start-ups, SMEs or Enterprise to find, attract and keep great engineers with the multi-skill sets needed. Good but expensive contractors are in high demand and overpriced specialist niche digital agencies don't deal with the real issues of running eCommerce. We don't think that every company needs to hire a bigger eCommerce development team... We are the world's first on-demand eCommerce software factory. Apoyar has over 300 vetted eCommerce tech specialists who are assigned to teams based on their technical specialty, grading, interest, time zone, and profile status.

Apoyar's points-based service provides:

  • On demand services for issues with cost, speed, availability, scale, conversion rates, transactions and revenue
  • Priority on-demand access to our full range of Business and Technical eCommerce resources
  • Cut down the time and costs involved in the hiring process
  • Easy online scheduling of our technical resource pools
  • Use services on a per hour, 1/2-day, or daily basis
  • Service onsite or remotely via a secure internet connection
  • Flexibility to mix and match a full range of eCommerce services: consulting, development, integration, architecture, support, or managed services
  • Receive discounts for your continued custom; the more service points you purchase the cheaper the resources become

How does it work?

Say you want to build a new set of pages and increase performance. You will be contacted by an Apoyar sales specialist who'll ask about the details. 'What blend of skills do you need from business and tech?' 'Are you going to use your own people and need us to fill the gaps?' 'How quickly and when do you need them?' We figure out the skills you need and the work schedule, and you buy a certain amount of service points (you can even pay with PayPal!) You draw down on the services and receive a monthly statement. On the backend, we assemble a team for you of both algorithms and people, depending on your choice of skills needed. The team gets started and you receive weekly updates. The more service points you buy, the cheaper they become.