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What is Headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce is where the frontend and backend of the eCommerce shop are "decoupled" and stand independently from one another. This means the content and experience management system is separated from the business logic and functional eCommerce integration, and commerce management stack.

The headless architecture divides customer-facing from the system-facing elements. This allows development activity to be targeted more toward the elements that are underperforming, or for resources to be focused on the best performing elements to drive revenue.

What are the benefits of Headless Ecommerce architecture?

Headless eCommerce provides a frontend that is up-to-date, easy to use, and seamless. Separated frontends and backends of a headless eCommerce platform empower brand marketing teams to regularly launch new products, run promotions or make updates to their content.

Content updates are made within the customer-facing layer without having to rely on software development.

With a Headless eCommerce platform, the frontend and backend systems are separate and therefore undisruptive to each other.

This allows you to experiment with your brand and content from within the customer-facing layer without fear of slowing your webstore down or causing disruptive outages.

A decoupled architecture lets you can make rapid changes to your frontend without disturbing the backend, and vice versa, because updating one does not mean you have to automatically update the other.

New functionalities and integrations can be applied quicker, with less effort, and ultimately less cost, all enabled by the openness of the architecture.