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Supporting Cloud Applications

Every day our skilled teams monitor and support your critical customer-facing eCommerce business applications checking the frontend UX and the backend platforms, ERP and CRM application integrations, customer portals and mobile applications are all behaving as expected.

Having skilled multi-tier software and DevOps engineering resources on hand within the TAC will give you peace of mind that your business applications, eCommerce sites and on-premise applications are fully functional all day, every day.

Our support services can be customised to ensure that the performance and features of your customer-facing platforms and cloud infrastructure are all operating correctly 24/7 be it in private, hybrid or public cloud on AWS or Azure and DevOps environments.


Performing overnight systems checks on your critical business applications with a remedial response to detected issues.

Apoyar's NIGHTWATCHMAN service provides peace of mind knowing someone is there each night, checking and making sure everything is working correctly because things will go wrong sometimes.

We understand your ERP and eCommerce platforms need to be running all night so picking lists are ready and product SKUs updated each morning. Because when they don't it means no overnight dispatches and deliveries, failed campaigns and lost sales revenue. We also understand many eCommerce managers have difficulties rostering technical staff on night shifts.

This is where our NIGHTWATCHMAN service can help.

Each evening an engineer from our monitoring and event team will perform the scheduled checks across your business-critical applications and systems. These may include checking batch jobs and CRONs were processed successfully, updates executed correctly, services are running or other system administration tasks of have been completed. Or perhaps the check may be to test the performance, functionality and user experience of your eCommerce websites and applications.

When a failure is detected the engineer will attempt to rectify the issue following a rules-based remedial response. Whether it is to re-run, refresh or reschedule a failed job, restart a service or clear a cache, they will be ready to act quickly overnight before the start of the next business day.

Upon completion of the checks, the customer will receive a notification reporting success or failure and highlighting any outstanding items needing further action. If required, this will include logging a fault ticket through to a nominated party for escalation of unresolved issues.

As the single point of contact for support, the TAC provides first-level monitoring, event and Service Desk functions. Technical support and engineering teams provide second and third-level support including systems management and administration in a DevOps environment.

Second and third-level teams within the TAC provide 24/7 cloud application support across the full eCommerce web, mobile and ERP/CRM application stack. Cloud application support is further backed by frontend UX/UI and backend platform software development teams.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our industry leading QA procedure reduces the cost and time of eCommerce software development and mobile app development projects, as well as ongoing support costs. Builds stability during software development to introduce new software features with less bugs with different levels of testing within the software development lifecycle:

Unit testing for checking correctness of individual units of code or functions, integration testing for testing the software beyond single units of code, functional testing that simulates a full user experience end-to-end, and exploratory testing that provides a more free-form style of testing to learn more about the unexpected ways users may operate the software.

Simple Support Contracts

Apoyar delivers unparalleled eCommerce 24/7 technical support services through simple support agreements. Choose from pre-paid points for ad-hoc support, month-to-month support contracts, professional services for projects or managed services for managing a service end-to-end.